Atrophy EP

by The Nocturnal Broadcast

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released October 26, 2018

Connor LaCour - Guitar, Vocals
Drew Brunson - Guitar, Vocals
Annie Carlson - Bass, Vocals
Taylor Stoma - Drums, Vocals

Recorded at Dead Horse Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Desmond

Album Art by Sarah Burke

Published with Lemon Night, LLC


all rights reserved



The Nocturnal Broadcast Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: Silicon God
I spent another night
passed out in the light of my
TV screen
I spent another day
trapped in the haze of that
light blue palm sheen staring back at me

It's been hours now, at least
Since I felt grounded on my feet
and I'm scrolling, hanging
In the vastness of sedation
We are sedated
We are sedated

I am dangling
I am dangling

Till me clean
Plant a sturdy crop
That feeds the
Bloated, scheming
Swamp of gossip teeth

Squeaking on the metal that grinds us away

I spent another year
plugging my ears
just to feed that hunger
that drooling mongrel
Scowls as I lay down
to rest away the day:
"Distraction's easy.
distraction's easy"

I am crumbling
I am crumbling

Squeaking on the metal that grinds us away

All hail! the great Silicon God
Track Name: Atrophy (or, A Reflection on Williamstown, WV's 2008 Sternwheel Festival and the Events Therein)
I drove back home in the dark
when all was said and done
I crystallized in time
my epitaph stuck on the tip of my tongue
I cursed a vulnerable heart
And I dug in deep a scar
Just to see if I bleed,
Could I wrest myself from the numb?

Encased in wilting weather
Of an evening wrought
With petal-picking hypotheticals
Over and through the bottles
And the funnel cake dust
I stood as you shook me like a cold

I know you lied to me
I know you lied to me
I still wake grinding my teeth

I stood alone as you watched me
In the time between uncertainty
and my trembling teeth now
I'm picking at that scab
that I never let heal, in fact,
the impression dried like I was
wet cement on an autumn night
God damn
I'm wishing I hadn't just
let you twist me
into a predictable

For all the spines in their sweaters
Like cattails caught in a flood
Floated by me whether or not
I could feel inside a
souring of my blood

I know you lied to me
I'm still unravelling
I still wake grinding my teeth


All in time
I'll be alright
I've seen it in the sky
I've seen it in my mind
Track Name: Something I Forgot
Reclining in your Earl-Grey smile
You draw a breath in calm
And I'm sprawled throughout
The house meanwhile
Scouring every corner on a whim

Did I prepare for every
Lurking, whirring
Reason why I'd want to crawl out my skin?
If I did..
Will it cross my mind
To hold my shrouded sin?

Oh god was there something I forgot?
Oh god was there something I forgot?
Oh god would I know it if there was?

My circle shrunk until I could not
Bear to leave my room
Now the walls they glare a
Sycophantic symphony
That celebrates my doom

I lost track in a watercolored world
(Why do I live inside?)

Oh god was there something I forgot?
Oh god was there something I forgot?
Oh god would I know it if there was?

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